Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Day Home

I would love for this post to be longer, but I am too tired!

Their flight was delayed last night by 2 hours, probably the longest 2 hours of my life! But it was so amazing to see them coming down the escalator! Kembia came right away to me, but Moyz started crying and clung to Chris.

Last night was a little rough, we didn't get to bed until 12:30 and kembia was up 4 times. Twice for a poopy diaper, and twice because she started crying out and we went in to comfort her. Today has been really wonderful. The kids are so amazing and good natured. They eat like you would not believe!

We did find what is probably a newly hatched louse in Kembia's hair this morning, so the lice saga continues. I have two spots on the side of my head that are driving me insane, and I swear their has to be lice in my head! We are still debating if we just shave her completely so as to just end it for her, of course, that doesn't really help Ava and me if we get it! keep up the prayers for the lice to just disappear!

Other than that, kembia is much smaller than I thought she was from pictures, about 13 pounds and the size of a 9 month old or so. But she crawls around and sits up and doesn't seem to be behind where she should physically. Moyz looks like a tank compared to her, although the scale says he's only 3 pounds more. But he also probably has 4 or 5 inches on her as well. He isn't crawling yet, I put him up into the position and he rocks, but part of me thinks he's just such a big boy that he can't move his own weight around yet! That's okay, we'll work on it.

Ava and Owen are eating them up, although quite sad that they can't really hold them due to the lice, and Ava wants to feed them and carry them around. Trying to explain to an 8 year old about attachment doesn't really work. She's very disappointed that she can't do those things. We tell her to just give us the rest of the week or so, and then we'll see.

That's it for now, we are going to bed and hopefully resting up!


  1. Hi! I'm Kathleen from www.ourtreeofhope.com and I have been following your blog for about a month. I just wanted to congratulate you and your family. Your babies are just BEAUtiful! I know it's been a long time coming!
    My husband and I are on the waitlist for a girl and a boy as well.
    Prayers are with you!
    Oh, and your lice issues....I'm not looking forward to that...but at the same time I say, "bring it on" if it means my babies are home! lol.
    God Bless,

  2. so happy for you to have your babies home! Praise God! can't wait to see more!