Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 2

Well, they were supposed to go to DGM today, but it didn't happen. I don't know why, Chris just said they talked on the phone and that they weren't ready for them. You know how pessimistic I tend to be- I am slightly panicking about this!

They ended up switching hotels and the new one has two beds in it, the last two days all four of them have been sharing one bed! This hotel also has grounds to walk around on, and a nice veranda off their room that they can go out on.

Chris also went to the market today to look for a hot pot and to buy some bottled water. He said it was a little crazy with people all over the place. We have some experience with this when we went to Uganda, so at least he wasn't a total newbie to it. They wanted $90 for a hot pot. But they ended up finding a rice cooker for $10 so he felt good about that.

One of the first things that happened when they transferred to the new hotel is they plopped our little girl down on the bed which had a nice white blanket on it. They turned around and she had poop all over the white blanket, and herself and clothes! They had been in the room for literally about 2 minutes! But they were glad, because it's the first time she had pooped in 2 1/2 days.

When I talked with him on the phone earlier today I could hear one of the kids just shrieking in the background. It was our son who didn't like it that grandma was taking time to feed his sister as well! Chris said he thinks that he is so big because he probably made the most noise in the orphanage and they fed him to get him to be quiet! His sister seems to be picking up the shrieking fast as well.

Chris said that the time is going by quickly because there seems to always be something to do with two kids. They are either fixing food, or cleaning it up, changing diapers, playing with the kids, that time just flies by. This is good, I think, because I can imagine in a few more days the time might seem to be dragging a little bit! It has to be hard to not leave your hotel room a lot. I know tht the days don't exactly go the quickest for me as I sit and wait, but I am glad to hear it is going well for them. They haven't had any luck sending emails or pictures through in the last 36 hours, so nothing new to look at for me. Instead, I pull up the file of the 5 photographs I have and keep going through them all


  1. No need to panic, it's just Africa time :-)