Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 4, Part 2

Well, the appt. with DGM seems like it went well. They did not get their exit letter today, but the office told them they would call our country coordinator tomorrow. It could mean they get the letter tomorrow, or it could mean they tell them they need more time. Either way, Chris is feeling good.

His appt. was with 3 people from the office. They watched him play with the kids and then asked him several questions to get a good feel for who he was and why he wanted to adopt the kids.

Back to the lice. She has it so bad that they are for reals thinking that cutting her hair would be the easiest way to get rid of it. Actually, they are also considering just shaving her head completely. :( They do not have a nit comb with them, they are hoping to cut the braids above the first bead, and then find a comb at one of the markets and be able to salvage at least some hair. But if they can't find a comb, shaving it is their second option. They have never cut our little girl's hair. She was apparently born with a ton of it and it just kept growing. Then a couple months ago I noticed that some of the kids in a picture of all the children at the orphanage had shaved heads. I emailed and requested if they would not cut her hair. So they didn't. Partly I am wondering if it is my fault her lice ifection is so bad. I have a feeling they would have shaved her head to get rid of it, but then didn't because I asked not to! I can't prove it, but it does make me feel bad about it!

I also got to "talk" to both babies on the phone. Our little guy apparently had a huge smile on his face and tried to take the phone out of daddy's hand. Our sweet little girl just woke up from a nap and really could care less about some crazy lady voice over a phone. She just wanted something to eat!

Chris said their day is pretty much eat, play and clean up poop!

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