Sunday, July 10, 2011

They made it!

Chris and his mom made it! They had no problems at all with customs, but got to the airport an hour late because their plane made an unannounced stop in Angola. That wasn't in the travel itenerary so they almost got off the plane in the wrong country!

All of their bags made it through, but they ended up switching from one car to another on the way to the hotel, and while they were waiting for their stuff to be transferred, a couple of police or military men came with their big M16s and hauled some guy off on a motorcycle right next to Chris and Mary. welcome to Africa!

By the time they got to the hotel, which wasn't the one we booked, because the country coordinator felt that it was too far away from DGM and everything else, it was about 12:00am. They got their room, and then the coordinator said "I'll go get your children!"

They woke up the kids at 12 at night and brought them to Chris! They both just kind of looked at daddy and grandma and didn't say a whole lot. Our little boy kind of made a whimpering, I'm nervous sort of sound, but then was fine. Apparently our little girl really likes to eat, and is starting to talk a little bit, she says the orphanage director's name a lot. And our son is a little chunk according to Chris. He was told that they are both walking, but they were just being held by Chris and Mary so they didn't see that. And it sounds like our son may have scabies or some type of skin issue, Chris was given some type of dermatology cream to put on it.

I can't believe that they are together! It's killing me to be here right now! Tomorrow they will take Chris' passport and on Tuesday he has the DGM appointment. Hoping for a quick exit letter, but he was told to plan on at least 10 days.

I won't post any pictures until the kids are out of the country, but just know that they are so beautiful! I can't wait to share them with you!


  1. YAY!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys :-). Watch out for the "scabies" those things spread FAST (unless it isn't scabies and then you'll be fine).

  2. I'm so glad that everyone made it threw customs...It's hard to believe those beautiful babies are in the arms of Chris and Mary. Super exciting news!!!