Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sort of a packing list

This week has been crazy- no word on Chris' visa to get into country yet, but we are calling the embassy to see what his status might be, and gently remind them that we paid to have his visa expedited in one business day. We'll see what happens!

In the mean time, we have acquired a ton of stuff that we think we will need while we are there. It goes something like this:

Five cans of soy formula
288 diapers
Clothes in various sizes
3 different size shoes for each child
sippy cups
kid bowls and utensils
various baby medicines, ibuprofen, tylenol, scabies medicine, etc.
different types of toys- this has been tough for us, everything either seems to babyish for them, or too adult
plastic bibs
different types of food stuff
hot pot
plus not to mention all of the different things that the adults need- no idea how this is all going to fit into 4 suitcases!

We also just got updated pictures of the kids- I cannot get over how adorable they are!

Plus, my parents are taking our kids for the next week, so this morning we took the last family picture where it is just the four of us, the next time Ava and Owen see their dad, it will be with their new brother and sister- that seems crazy!


  1. I might take some baby food- rice cereal went over very well, as did squash, peaches/plums, pumpkin. I think Nic is the same age (ish) as your little ones, and he drank an excessive amount of formula, so I hope the five cans are big. He was drinking far more than a baby his age should/would. I think it was a comfort thing, or a "I'm so glad I can eat as much as I want thing." Of course he was younger than your kids will be now, but have Chris prepare for feedings all night long. Nic consumed at least 3 1/2 costco cans formula in four weeks. In perspective, once he got home he was drinking one cane in 2-3 he was eating a ton extra. Tommy did the same thing in Uganda. Even when the orphanage feeds them it is rarely as much as they want, so when they get the chance many kids stuff themselves...good food is more important than diapers! The diapers there stink and are super expensive, but at least they won't make your kiddos sick. SO SO SO happy for you. Don't worry about the toys either, whatever you take will probably be amusing. Also, remember that they can always wear clothing a size too large if you run out of room to get all the necessities in. Remember the DEET :-) and the Cipro.