Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 1

Today they haven't left the hotel room. It sounds like they did a fair amount of sleeping to make up for their crazy night! The country coordinator said she would be by around 8 or 9 in the morning, and that they would transfer to a new hotel room. She didn't show up until 2 in the afternoon, right on schedule for African time! They ended up having to stay in their room again because the hotel staff said checkout was 11, but no one showed up to move them. Oh well, at least they have a room for the night!

The kids sound like they are doing well. They are trying to steal food from each other and take each other's toys! Our little girl is a snuggle bug and she wants someone to hold on to her all the time. Our little boy uses his bottom lip as a pacifier of sorts and is always sucking on it. Chris and Mary pull it out and have tried to give him a pacifier, but nope, that little lip just goes right back in again!

It definitely sounds like he has scabies, and so they have given him the cream to help treat it. We'll have to see how it goes and if anyone else gets it! Our daughter has a small umbilical hernia that will need to be checked out when they arrive, but other than that, they are very healthy and moving around and loving the toys they brought.

Their hot pot broke already- so there goes the idea on eating the food they brought! I guess it boiled the water in under a minute, and apparently shorted out. They fed the kidlets some pudding and that was a big hit. Chris has taken lots of video, and sent more pictures. I look at them a bunch of times a day and can't wait for them to be home causing mayhem with their other brother and sister. I think that Ava and Owen are going to eat them up!

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