Saturday, July 23, 2011

High Maintenance vs. Low Maintenance

My two new kidlets are like night and day from each other. Moyz is the easiest child I have ever had. So laid back, just go with the flow. Content exactly where you put him, playing with his toys and smiling so adorably that you can't just help but want to eat him up!

Kembia, on the other hand, is way high maintenance. She wants to be held. All.the.time. This makes it a little challenging to do other things, like eat, and bathe, and fix food for my 3 other kids.

We have sort of kind of been able to get them to nap simultaneously. They go down at approximately the same time, but Kembia needs a lot more sleep then Moyz. I don't know if it has something to do with how tiny she is, or if that's just the way she rolls. But it actually works out good because she takes about a 3 hour nap, and Moyz only one, so he gets up and then gets some good one on one time which is harder to do when his sister is awake. The other napping issue we are coming across is that Moyz seems to need two short ones, but the long one in the morning appears to be it for Kembia. At least every time we put her down in the afternoon she screams and cries and never falls asleep. (For real, she could make a fuss for a looong time) I am too paranoid about attachment issues to let her cry for too long to make sure that she understands I will always meet her needs. It's too early for me to tell if she is "playing the system to her advantage."

Knock on wood, the lice issue appears to be done. We haven't found any nits the last 2 days, although we check several times a day, and so far, no one else in the family has any. Although to be honest, Ava and I have so much hair between the two of us that I don't know how we would ever find a spare nit or two anyways! I am not eager for our heating bill for all of the hot laundry we have been doing. I haven't really been able to get ahead with the clothes because I am too busy washing everyone's sheets from naps and bedtimes and clothes that we change after we comb for lice.

And then there's the poop. These kids can poop! I don't know if it's the water or the change in diet or what. But they poop several times a day. It doesn't appear to be parasite poop. From what I have heard the poop is amazingly disgusting if that's an issue, and so far it just seems like regular run of the mill poop, albeit a lot at that. Oh well, guess I have to get used to that!

And for your viewing pleasure, below is a picture of our beautiful African princess. Right now she is ripping apart a paper towel that happened to be next to her and smiling like it's the best thing in the world!

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  1. Hugs. You're doing awesome! Praying you all adjust, your sweet girl learns to relax and feel safe and that you all find joy in the new normal! Hugs!