Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crap Nuggets

That's the word Owen invented when we were playing the Curious George match game.  Pretty creative, don't you think?

At our house, I say crap a lot.  I know that I probably shouldn't because then the kids pick it up, but I just can't help it.  And considering it's the worst word I say (with very rare exceptions) I don't feel too bad about it.  I do think it's silly though, if I were to get after my kids for saying it when we do.  So we let them say it.  But the nuggets part, he came up with that all on his own.  I am raising geniuses over here.

We had our first beach attempt.  It was interesting.  All Truitt wanted to do was eat sand, Moyz and Kembia liked the water, but then they both ended up losing their balance and falling on their tummies.  They had their life jackets on, and I always give my kids a chance to react to the situation before scooping them up.  Moyz just stayed on his tummy and tried to stand back up but couldn't quite get his feet under him, so I stood him back up and off he went and played again.  Kembia had a little bit more trouble and she didn't like being on her tummy in the water at all.  So after she stood back up she decided to come and hang out on the sand for awhile.  But this a humongous improvement from when she first came home.  Bath time for her was absolutely the end of the world.  I am talking full out screaming and flailing and trying to keep her body out of the water.  She either had some type of terrible experience with it at the orphanage, or never got more than a sponge bath and was terrified.

Overall the beach was a success, but Chris was there as well as a couple of my girlfriends, so there is absolutely no way that I would do it on my own.  Hubby would run into the water after Ava and Owen and the little ones would follow thinking that they could do it too.  It's just too dangerous to do on my own.  Stuff of my nightmares.

Speaking of nightmares, last night I had a dream where Truitt choked on a bouncy ball.  Today I am thoroughly going through the house and picking up all of the things that remotely could be a choking hazard.

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