Monday, May 14, 2012

Kembia's First Braids

I did Kembia's hair in braids for the first time on Friday.  It took a looong time.  Almost 4 hours to be exact. We did one movie in the morning, coupled with a ginormous sucker, and then after lunch and nap we did a second movie, as well as 20 minutes at supper.  She did really great for the most part.  A few yells here and there.  A friend swears that I will be doing it faster in the future.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  She looks much older now.  Two weeks ago we had a woman at McDonalds ask how old she was because "she doesn't look old enough to walk".  I don't think she would say that anymore!  

Chris came home and was shocked to see how old she looks.  Half my girlfriends admit that they missed her little fro because she looked younger.  I think it was a tad bit of a shock to some on Sunday at church when she came in with a full head of braids.

I should probably also mention that they are yarn braids.  Her hair only goes to about 1/3 the length of the braids.  That fooled everyone as well.  They couldn't believe that her little fro stretched out into braids this long and then I had to tell them they didn't!  

We picked black yarn with little flecks of color, but I picked up a hot pink skein to use with the black next time.  I have a friend who does color in her girls' braids and it looks so awesome, but I didn't want to do that her first go round.  This mama has to go slow with the changes.  I went from a baby to a toddler in 4 hours.  

She likes to shake her head so the braids go across her face, as well as stick the ends in her mouth.  Why do little girls have to do that?

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  1. Wow, cute! She does look older! Here was our first attempt: