Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mason Jars

I am not super graceful, a trait which appears to have been passed on to Ava.  When Chris and I first got married, and for several more years, I managed to break a multitude of glass cups.  lots and lots of cups.  Then our first child got old enough to use regular cups, and broke lots and lots of cups.  So I drew the line in the sand.

One day while walking the aisles at Walmart, I came across a set of wide mouth mason jars, and I was hit with a light bulb moment.  Those things are practically indestructable (blogger doesn't like that word, I tried undestructable too, but it doesn't like that either.  Maybe it's not a word?).  So I brought a set home, and had 12 new drinking glasses for $9.  That's the problem with regular old glass glasses.  They break easy and they are expensive.

We have been using the same 12 glasses for about the last 7 years or so.  I have broken two.  Once when I dropped one onto something hard, and once that was kind of a freak thing where part of the bottom broke off when I was washing them.

Moyz has even grabbed one and launched it a fair distance across our kitchen.  To be fair, it's not like he's this whirling dervish of a kid who breaks/throws anything in sight.  Mostly he follows people around and snatches their glasses if they put them down and sucks the last of whatever happened to be in the glass at the time.  But those jars keep on keeping on.  Which is good because we have lots of kids and I am cheap.  Moral of the story is if your family has this same problem with glasses, and I am willing to bet a few of you do, switch to mason jars.  You will never, ever go back.  Just make sure it's the wide mouth ones.

And if you decide that drinking all liquids from a jar makes you too podunk (also not a word according to blogger), you can always do the following:

Here's the how to at the following:

Looks totally awesome, but the instructions seemed really long, and I am impatient.  However, I just may make an exception for this craft.  Someday.  When I have time.  Which, now that I think about it, will probably be in like 18 years.  Hmmm.

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  1. I'm way behind on reading your blog and am finally catching a stalkerish, sit-and-read-every-post-of-Jess'-that-I-haven't-yet-all-in-one-evening kind of way.

    And I think this is the most useful blog post I will ever read on the entire internet. Probably because I'm in the market to replace my glass cups that break and the plastic cups my kids chew like little puppy dogs.