Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Part of Federal Tax Refund

So we got part of our refund back from the Feds.  The part that doesn't have to do with the adoption.  I was quite surprised that they sent that to us, but happy nonetheless.  I did panic though wondering if they were denying us the rest of it since no letter came with it, just a check.  So I gave the IRS a call.

In hindsight, calling on a Monday probably wasn't the best day.  I spent 32 minutes on hold waiting to talk to someone even after their computer system said that I would most likely wait for less time if I called back on Wednesday!  They said that essentially almost all adoptions were being audited this way, that most of them were being resolved in the 45 days that they requested.  She was able to tell me that they started looking at our adoption info. on April 26th.  And for those of you who either haven't sent in your info. or will be, she said that they do not look at any information sent with your original return because it is not stuff they specifically requested.  So I probably wouldn't waste the time to send it with your original stuff.  They will send you a letter anyways asking for all of it again because they won't look at it the first time.  It took 3 months for us to get our non-adoption part of our refund back.  Don't know if that's the norm or not, but now maybe some of you have an idea what to expect.

Can I just say that the money is burning a hole in my pocket!!  Not that we'll do anything what I would consider fun with it.  We need to build a bedroom downstairs and get another set of bunkbeds, things of that nature.  Plus there is always our insurance deductible to save for..... Practical things.  Still, a pretty big part of me wants to run out and by something just for the fun of it, or go to a fancy place for dinner.  Sometimes I just don't want to be practical.

On other news, Kembia and Moyz are starting to talk up a storm.  Not so much sentences, but lots and lots of words.  I was singing Hallelujah, and both of them repeated it out of the blue.  It was stinkin' adorable, and I was quite impressed that they were able to say a word with so many syllables.  Two days ago they both learned the word "no".  I can see that this is going to cause some problems in our family.  Kembia also uses "me" a lot.  Maybe just a tad bit selfish!  She also understands the difference of off vs. on.  She came up to me and said off, while trying to get her shirt off, and then brought me her shoes and said on.  I am so proud of her.  It is so amazing how well they are doing language wise considering that at one year they had to relearn what they had been spoken.  I can remember how I would say something to them and they would just cry and cry because they didn't understand.  Now pretty much whatever we tell them to do or ask them to get they do it.  I know that all my other kids did this, but it still never ceases to amaze me that these tiny little people understand what we are saying.  I mean, they are still babies!

Having two together is really good for them.  It seems that neither one wants to be left behind and that they both help each other to pick things up quickly.  It used to be that Kembia was a lot further ahead of Moyz and we sort of always said it was because she is a girl and older.  I still think that's true for some things, she seems to naturally get things much quicker on her own, but Moyz definitely picks things up by  watching and learning from her.  Probably just two different learning styles.

I am going to try and get a picture of the 3 babies in the cloth diapers, even though we don't cloth diaper Moyz.  Their little bubble butts are so adorable!


  1. Granted we did our adoption refund related taxes last year, but we sent in all our paperwork & receipts and didn't get audited and we got our refund back in a normal amount of time. I think it just depends on who gets your paperwork at the irs.

  2. That is totally awesome. This woman we spoke to said that at least this year, you either get audited or you don't, and it has nothing to do with the paperwork you send in the first round. she also said that almost all of the families are being audited, even more than last year. You make three families I know of that weren't audited. Two from last year and one from this year. The good news is, is that it sounds like they are doing a better job of getting peoples refunds back to them. I know of one family who had not received it from 2010 and were getting ready to start 2011 taxes! I am trying to remember that this refund didn't even exist when we started our adoption, and now is just a wonderful bonus, but we in no way deserve it.