Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In Memory of Nora

Yesterday we found out that our good friends' unborn daughter had died.  Our friend was due May 3rd, and had yet to have their little girl.  Last Friday they felt her while watching a movie but during the night she passed away.  Nora was born Saturday appearing to be a healthy baby.  The doctor could not find any reason for the death.  Her older sisters are taking it very hard, and her mom and dad are only just beginning to grieve.

I would love it so much if you would pray for this family.  Pray for healing and pray for peace.  I pray that all the family members turn towards God instead of away.

I cannot even imagine the devastation, going home to a beautiful nursery filled with beautiful little pink girly things, but the little girl who was to wear them won't ever be able to.  It just breaks my heart thinking about all of it.

Hug your kids extra tight because life is so short and we don't ever know when our last day is.