Thursday, May 24, 2012

Talking Babies

Now that the babies have mastered the words and concept of no, mine, and naughty, life has taken on a new twist here at our household.

Instead of previously just screaming at one another if someone took something, now they yell mine, and naughty to the other.  And sometimes if they feel the other one is being exceptionally bad, they will wag their finger as they say no.  I didn't even realize that I did that until I saw the babies doing it.  And they had to learn it from somewhere!

They also will come up to me if one is screaming and acting out and ask me "nigh-nigh?"  Which means that they think the other person should take a nap.  Because at our house, if you keep whining for no reason I will tell you that if you can't stop crying you will have to take a nap.  Well, those babies are smart and they picked up on that real fast.  Mostly I think they say it in the hopes that I will put the other baby down and then they can be all by themselves, free to roam around the house without sibling interruption.

Truitt has also decided to become mobile this week.  He doesn't crawl, but kind of gets into the beginning crawling position and then can't get his other leg around so he pulls himself forward using one leg.  Exactly how Moyz used to do it.  Yesterday he was all over the living room floor.  Now I have to go back and really baby proof things because I came into the living room and he had gotten to a magazine, ripped out a page and was chewing down on that puppy.

Ava's ear has been bothering her for the last several days.  She told me she thought it was because Owen yelled in her ear a couple of times.  And because I am the awesome mother that I am, I said that we needed to wait a while before I would take her in because I wasn't going to spend $175 on a visit because your brother yelled in your ear.  Yesterday we finally went in for an appt. at 7:15 in the morning, I literally threw granola bars at my kids in the car on the way, amazed that we made it on time, and lo and behold she has a raging ear infection.  Awesome.  Only the second one of her life.  And I pretty much ignored it for 3 days.  What doesn't kill you makes your stronger.....

And then tonight, ah, tonight.  Tonight starts soccer for both Ava and Owen.  I am not really looking forward to this as they both play at the same time on the two fields furthest away from each other.  And Moyz is going to be devastated that he can't run out onto the field and play.  That kid has an obsession with balls that is pretty much unparalleled.  There is no way the babies will be able to stay in their stroller for an hour and a half, so every thursday will be spent trying to keep our kids off the field.  I already do this every Tuesday when Chris has softball.  So now I get to do it 2 times a week!  Although Chis will be able to help. If I am lucky, he'll get the babies and I will take Truitt and we will have to split our times at the fields and then swap to see both kids.

Let the summer crazy begin.  Isn't it supposed to be relaxing?!

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