Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gilded World Map DIY

Okay, you already know my obsession with maps, look at this baby I found while going through my daily design blogs.  It's from The Ugly Duckling House.

gold leaf side shot

If it wasn't for the fact of my own beautiful map in my kitchen I would be all over this.  In a major way- as in run straight to the store right.this.minute to get what I need and get it done.

I actually think I am going to do the one that inspired her on wood.

Seriously, look at this thing, it is so amazing I want to cry.

But since I have one, I am thinking that I am going to do this for Chris' office since he has a major blank wall right behind his head begging for artwork. It's been blank for a few years now and slowly driving me crazy.  Artwork is low on his totem pole though, so nothing has been done.  But I totally see this in his future.

If you want to give it a go yourself here is the link for the gilded map:  Awesome Map

And here is the link for the wood map:  Awesome wood map

I'm also working on a new background for the blog.  I got sick of the old one, so it is quite possible you will click to this page and everyday there may be something new.  Or not.  I kind of like the clean look of just white, but we'll see.


  1. that map in the first picture is so amazing!!! I love it!! I am pinning this for the future for sure! just stumbled upon your blog, and I love the clean look ;)

    Love from NYC,


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  2. Where did you get the map you already have? I LOVE it!!

  3. I found the map on etsy by a young man from Britain, when I contacted him he didn't have the ability to print the size I wanted (5ft. by 3ft.) and directed me to imagekind for large prints. Here is the link to the exact one I ordered, but if you google imagekind, and put in "world map", tons of stuff will pop up. He does several different color schemes with maps.