Friday, October 5, 2012

Paleo-sort-of and Other Ramblings

Well, I have been kind of giving the paleo diet a chance.  I eat eggs for breakfast, which I am so sick of I could almost scream.  Yesterday I had oysters (with crackers, oops) for lunch.  And I fed them to the babies because I was really hoping to watch them make highly disgusted faces at me, and they LOVED them.  Talk about the ultimate backfire.


Nothing against vegetarians, truly, I just thought this was funny.  Coming from a hunting family and all....

So the upshot is I have lost 3 pounds.  Probably it could be more, but my issue with Mochas may come into play here and since it is currently 39 degrees outside it is just such a great way to warm up.  Oy.

Let's see, it is 8 in the morning and I have already turned the tv on for the kidlets.  Not a good sign.

Ava took my camera on a field trip today.  I have threatened that bad things will happen if she loses it.  Must teach responsibility, however, I will secretly be happy if she does.  They barely carry the SD card we need for it because it is so outdated and the card is $35 when I can buy a new camera for $100.

Polaroid: Polaroid 185 Land Camera camera
This is what I feel like when we show our camera and ask questions to people about it.  Really it isn't that old.  Only 5 years.  This may be a bad time to mention that my phone is a dumb phone-  where you flip the top open and dial.  Also, I still buy cd's.

Owen wants me to trim the hair around his ears and on the sides but not touch the top because he wants to "always have a mohawk".  This could very well be my future.


Truitt has learned that if he carries the bathroom step-stool around the house he can use it to get into previously unreachable things and cause even more trouble.

I'm not a big fan of shirts with sayings but this one makes me laugh! Perfect for MY little boy. nicij
The Story of Truitt's Life

And finally, I swear Moyz and Kembia are competing in the pee-as-much-as-you-can category.  We go in and out of the bathroom so many times a day I think they are holding most of it in to get more choc. chips for every time they go. 

Jess out.

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