Monday, October 15, 2012

Trying Moments of the Mommy Life

Let's see.  Today I have gone into the bathroom with two potty-training toddlers every 10 minutes of every.stinking.hour.  I cleaned up one child's pee puddle in front of the tv.  One child's poop smears from hopping off the toilet when I told him not to until Mommy came.  Rescued one toddler's poor, tiny hand from being closed in the door by his older brother, which I actually thought was broken, but hopefully, fingers crossed, is only smashed a whole bunch.

Also, two fights over books, one screaming match over a specific blanket, several arguments over sippy cups, two kids from trying to play with the old lamps on Mommy's floor, scraped graham cracker out of the white slipcover which I need to desperately bleach.  Stopped one little half-pint of a girl from gurgling and then spitting her water onto the floor and laughing hysterically, rescued 11 DVD's that were strewn about the floor from said little kidlets.  Put all of the hats, mittens and snow paraphanelia (don't know how to spell that) that they spread out all over the house back into the bench that they will probably just dump out again later today despite my threats and warnings.  Just in time rescued an entire container of oatmeal from being dumped out across the kitchen floor, and saved the tiniest Nelson from being locked in the bathroom by his older brother, who may just have it out for him.  And locked myself in the bedroom to escape all of the screaming while I talked to the RN about little smashed hand and if we needed to x-ray.  And these are only the specific things that I can remember.

Oh, did I mention that it isn't even lunch time?

They say that being a stay at home mom is a sacrifice, and let me tell you, it is.

A sacrifice of my sanity.

Keep Calm

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