Monday, December 9, 2013

-9 Is Cold to Run

I survived the 5K.  It was -9 degrees out when we ran it.  I bundled up extraordinarily well.  Too much in fact.  We kept seeing everyone in skin tight leggings and small sweater jackets.  Well, turns out when you run in tights and lined wind pants plus a wool sweater and down jacket you are going to severely over-heat even when it is that cold out.  Oops.

We did it in 35 minutes which averages out to just under 12 minutes per mile.  I am going to take it though, considering I ran one mile one time to prepare.  Next year, (we'll see) I will dress appropriately and not fog up my glasses the entire way.

We didn't get any pictures because our camera is broke.  So you can imagine it by these images below.

Appropriate running gear for -9

This isn't me, but close to what I looked like.  Maybe I would have run faster if I didn't have 15 pounds of clothes on?!

While we were at the Reindeer Run there were actual legitimate runners going around the lake that weren't part of the race.  I looked at them with a mixture of incredulity and awe.  They were out on a Saturday morning in crazy weather because they wanted to be.  I was out because Chris' company paid for it and it is part of their goal to get their employees more fit.  People are crazy!

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  1. I am so incredibly proud of you for running in that cold. Well done, Jess!