Friday, December 6, 2013

Forcing the kids to watch musicals

I have never seen The Sound of Music.  Until last night, when I decided I may as well watch the live version with Carrie Underwood.  I know, that's quite unheard of, especially at my age.  And while I could sing you all the songs, it had never happened.


But I got this great idea that it would be a good bonding experience for Ava and Owen to watch it with Chris and me.  Turns out, Ava really enjoyed it, but the rest of us were only meh, about it.

To be completely truthful, by the time 9:30 rolled around and I realized that there was still a half an hour left I almost went to bed.  But then the nazis entered and it finally got a little suspenseful and we hung in there.

Looking today at the reviews it turns out that I wasn't the only one feeling mediocre about it.  But, it sounds like Julie Andrews was amazing in it, so now I think I need to watch it again in her version to give it a fair chance.  Still, the songs were fun, especially because I now had the context in which they were sung after all these years.

Owen liked it at least until he fell asleep, Chris said it reminded him of when his sister made him watch it at about Owen's age, and Ava thought the whole thing was pretty good.  Maybe a future theater geek there, we'll see.

Did you watch it, and if you did, how did you feel about it compared to the others?

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