Wednesday, December 4, 2013

O Christmas Tree....

This one is pretty explanatory.  Look at these beauties.


 Colorful gradient Christmas tree    2012 Best Christmas Tree Ideas | ILOVESBD | South Beach Diamond Magazine     

And then, there's ours:

Probably not going to be repinned on Pinterest!  We only had three working strands of lights.  My parents have a tradition of giving all the kids these beautiful ornaments (and highly breakable!) from Lenox.  Actually, when we just had Ava for all those years, she got one every year.  

So you take 5 grabby kids who.just.can't.stop.themselves.from.touching.the.tree, one giant 6 month old Great Dane, and you will get a tree like ours.  Notice how most of the decorations are on the top half?

I think the Nelson tree will resemble something like this for the foreseeable future!


  1. I gotta admit - I love your tree. I see the "perfect" trees everywhere and they make me sad. I much prefer a mismatch of ornaments that have memories attached to them.

  2. So funny! Love the tree! Holly