Monday, December 16, 2013

Batman, Squirrel and a Zebra

I know, the title sounds like one of those horrible bar jokes, Batman a squirrel and a zebra walk into a bar.....   but it's not like that I promise.  Instead it's this.

Kembia found a fur hat and dubbed herself the squirrel.  Truitt is pretty self-explanatory because he's wearing a batman cape.  And then there is Moyz.  Who found a black and white striped hat and called himself a zebra.  I thought that it was quite imaginative for him.  

They are in swim trunks and underwear because they were "swimming" on the floor in the living room.  i.e. doing the army crawl.  Kembia was a mermaid because you see that green headband around her middle?  She tried to cover her chest and tell me she was a mermaid, only it wouldn't stay up.

It's called stir crazy because of how nasty cold it's been.  We haven't left the house in days and are officially hermits.

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