Monday, December 2, 2013

Run, Run, Running (In more than one sense)

Um, December.  I am not quite sure how we got here.  I feel like every time I say that, I am acknowledging the fact that I am getting older because I always remembered old people talking about how fast time was going when I was young.

Still, December.

Let's see.  This weekend I am supposed to be running a 5K.  It's called the Reindeer Run.  Also, the high on Saturday in our neck of the woods is 7 degrees.  Yep, 7 freakin' degrees and I am going to be running around a lake.  For fun.  In the winter.

Do you know how many times I have run in preparation for this?  Exactly one time.  I did it Saturday night after I went to watch Catching Fire for the second time in theaters.  I think I might prefer the clock island to running in 7 degree weather.  Also, I am severely annoyed that the next two movies will be released in Novembers of the next two years. Two more years to wait to wrap up the Hunger Games series.  I seriously hate that they drag it out so long.  

Along the running theme, my family is celebrating Christmas this coming weekend (after we finish the run).  So I will be run, run, running this week to get my house, my tree, and all the other miscellaneous crap ready for that.  We have an obligation every night this week.  I am not quite sure how we are going to get it all accomplished.  

This will not be happening.  We attempted one year to put lights around the bushes in the front of our house.  It looked awesome for like a week until we got the 7 feet of snow we get in a year and it covered all the pretty lights up.  I haven't had the heart to do it since then.  What do you think the electricity bill is for something like this?

And then someone asked me if I was going to make Christmas cookies this year.  I probably gave them the evil eye as I responded that no, I was in fact, not making Christmas cookies this year.  I will probably make chocolate chip cookies, but we always eat the dough before they get baked so I am pretty sure that doesn't count.

Who's ready for the chaos that is now until the New Year??  (I might whine about it, but secretly, I love it!)

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