Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Burlap Christmas

I love burlap because it's rustic (modern, not country), goes with everything, and it's cheap.

Here's a few fantastic Christmas decorating ideas.  None of them look too hard and you should be able to whip them up fairly fast.  Unless you are me.  These are all a pipe dream that won't be happening this year.  But I wish they were.  Maybe next??

Burlap Peace Banner

Okay, so this one is for Thanksgiving, but totally could say Christamas.

Burlap Wreath

Maybe with a red bow instead of blue.

Burlap Trees

There are a million creative diy burlap trees on pinterest.  If this one doesn't float your boat, find one that does.

Burlap Stockings
stockings title
I pretty much despise the red and white stockings.  This is a nice alternative.  Maybe hand some bells with ribbon to give it a little extra something.

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