Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Looking For A Dog (Kind of, well one of us is...)

The kids have been begging, literally for as long as I can remember now, to get a dog.  The fish got rid of them asking for awhile, but they realize that as a pet, fish kind of suck.

So, I decided to spend sometime with Petfinder.  My suggestion to you is not to do this unless you want to see cute, helpless animals that need to find a home.  They will call out your name and you will dream about them.  Unless you are mean and the type of person who kicks puppies for sport.

I happen to like the type of dog that looks "mean".  Rottweiler, Doberman, Pit Bull.  I love the way they look.  And it is so unfair the rap that they get because of stupid owners and what the dogs were used for 100 year ago.  However, our homeowners insurance has stipulations against them, and any knowing mix, so sadly I cannot look at the dogs with that breed.

Chris is not on board with this.  Sometimes I think I may be able to convince him and then it all just goes away.  I thought I could help with that by not getting a puppy, but a younger dog who is already house trained and doesn't want to chew on everything in sight, but no go.  We'll see.  I am crossing my fingers and so are the kids who are near tears now that they have seen a bunch on petfinder but daddy is still saying no.

And then there is this:

Buzz: Saint Bernard St. Bernard, Dog; Solway, MN

This cute little thing is a St. Bernard/ Chihuahua mix.  For real.  Could you even imagine?  Actually, probably you shouldn't.  The mom is a 180 pound St. Bernard and the dad a 3 pound Chihuahua.  Chris' response when I told him about this was that the Chihuahua should feel very proud of himself.  I seriously would not have thought this possible.  However, this cutie isn't in the running because even with a teeny dad I have a feeling she is going to be humongous.  And small house, 5 kids and humongous dog don't mix well.

By default though we would have to get a medium to large dog, otherwise I think Kembia and Moyz and Truitt might excessively pound on the poor thing and we need a dog who can take a litte rough housing.  

I'll keep you updated if this goes anywhere.  


  1. Petfinder is how we ended up with our second dog. I found Miss Josephine and somehow talked my husband into just going to look and when they met it was love at first sight - she's completely his dog. Funny how it worked out.

  2. What!? I would seriously want photographic evidence before I ever believed that! Bahaha...