Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

So today isn't going to happen as far as posting my living room.  We had a crazy, busy weekend and I just got the second coat of paint on my dressers yesterday so I have to put the polyacrylic on today and then wait a day or two, so I am hoping for Wednesday or Thursday to have everything in place.

Not only did we have a crazy weekend but I developed a raging case of fall allergies for only the second time ever in my life.  I literally want to claw my eyes off my face.  I have been taking generic Claritin, but even that doesn't take away everything.  I have been watching Moyz closely because the derm. told me that with eczema kids often have allergies and asthma, but I haven't seen any signs of that at all.  Hopefully it continues that way.

And then there was the dentist appointments this weekend.  We drive 40 miles to see the dentist because it's where Chris works and they do Saturday appts. for kids which is a huge bonus for us because I am not taking 5 kids to the dentist by myself.  I know I have blogged about how my kids may not be the best toothbrushers ever, but they came back from the dentist with glowing reports.  Which is great, but I was sort of hoping they would tell my kids that they need to brush more often, but now my kids are going to be all like "the dentist says I have some of the best brush teethed ever".

And while they were there, Kembia and I "quick" ran to a meet and greet that an animal shelter was doing and I fell in love with a half American Bulldog, half Boxer puppy named, of all things, Barney.  Chris still is not completely on board and is trying to very mechanical engineer of him, make a list of the positives vs. the negatives of dog ownership.  As of last night he is "not sure the benefits outweigh the negatives".  Poop.

Plus Kembia  learned the word "stupid" this weekend after hearing her big brother Owen saying it.  We discourage the word stupid mostly because I hate to hear kids say that they are stupid, but Owen used it like "that is so stupid" and then Kembia repeated it again and again.  But we put the kabosh on that really quick.  However, we do allow our kids to say the world suck (I know, I think I can hear some of you guys going what?  you allow them to say suck but not stupid?)  Mostly we let them do it because Chris and I use it a fair amount, and how can we use it and then not let them?  Although I have been trying to use it less because when I say it less so do they.  And just so I am clear on how it is used, I use it when something goes bad.  Like "that really sucks, the dishwasher just overflowed and now I have to clean it up."

Okay, that's the Nelson weekend wrap up.  Hope yours was more exciting than mine.

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