Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fake Nails

In general, I consider myself to be a low maintenance type of girl.  I see nothing wrong with wearing the same black dress to poop around the house for three days in a row.  Heck, I don't even mind wearing it out in public three days in a row if I am not going to all the same places!  So I have surprised even myself with my recent desire to get acrylic nails.

I don't know what it is, possibly their allure is because longish nails look so nice on people.  Mine never get that long mostly, if I am honest, because I bite them.  I know, shame on me, I should have outgrown that like 20 years ago.  Even when I can get them long, they never stay that way for  more than a day or two and then they break.  Plus, I am the not so proud owner of stubby nail beds.

So today I bit the bullet and went for it.  First I called around to a bunch of salons and looked at stuff on the internet.  There is a whole bunch of info. out on the newest thing called gel nails, both the fancy nail polish and an extension.  But after talking and reading I went for acrylic.  I did it NOT in a shop in a strip mall, but went to a woman who does it out of her house.  She does not use the nasty glue that a lot of shops do, and does not use an electric file which erodes away at the nail bed and can cause problems.  She was more expensive then a shop in a mall, but I think it was worth it.

They look super cute in my opinion, and it does help me feel more pulled together.  We'll see how it goes as far as zipping jeans and not accidentally poking my kids and drawing blood.  The clicking as I type this is a little annoying, but I suppose like anything I will get used to it.  Kembia keeps pointing to them and smiling, I assume because she doesn't know how to say pretty yet.

After paying a not-so-dirt-cheap-amount for them, I think it will cure me of my biting habit, which then hopefully will carry over to when I no longer do acrylic nails.  And I guess I don't feel too bad about my biting habit, there could be worse ones.  I just recently read an article on adult thumb suckers!  Now there is an unfortunate habit to hang onto as a grown up.

PS- Is anybody else exhausted from staying up late to watch Olympics?  I am not sure I can keep this pace up!

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