Monday, August 13, 2012

Working on the Hoarder Basement

I finally bit the bullet and decided to start working on my basement.  I have put it off for about, oh, the entire year the babies have been home, but now we can barely move down there and so I had to do something.  Or lose small children among all the crap, and I can guarantee you it's not baby-proof and Truitt would stick something in his mouth and choke.

I should have taken before pictures because I think it would have helped you understand what it looked like, but I forgot.  I do have a friend or two who have seen it though, and they could publicly attest to it if you really needed the proof.

The first area I started with was the boxes of clothes.  I was able to give away 6 bags of clothes to a friend, and that's not counting all of the clothes that I deemed too nasty or adult clothes that needed to go as well.  We moved Moyz into size 3 and I have 29 short sleeve shirts and 25 long sleeve shirts in that range.  Now to be fair to myself, and make myself feel better, most of them weren't Owen's, but were donated to us.  The good thing is, is that we are coming up onto hopefully cooler weather, so I just picked a selection of the short sleeve for Moyz and saved the rest for Truitt to wear, which at the rate he is going will be next spring.

Truitt also moved out of 12 months and into 18 months, and I love it when he outgrows a size because it means I can get it out of my house!  No storing for a future kid to wear.  Same this weekend for Kembia, out of 18 months (finally!) and into size 2, which I will admit is slightly big in the legs as far as pants, but I was working with a limited selection of clothing in the size 18 months, so it's nice to have some other options.

Chris whined that he felt like he barely saw me this weekend because I was buried in the basement, but I countered with the fact that it is looking amazing and so he probably shouldn't whine too much.  And as much as I hate cleaning, I kind of enjoyed it because Chris pulled 75% child duty.  So even though I had to sort and put away, at least I did it mostly sans children!

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