Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Turn Me On Tuesday

This weeks list is kind of a bizarre mish-mash of stuff that isn't connected at all.  Sounds like it sums up my life!

1.  Generic Zyrtec

Okay, this may not be a "turn me on" type item, but without this item I would be a major pain in the neck person due to severe fall allergies that I have had only the second time in my life. To everyone.  Think of the most famous person you would ever want to meet and then imagine telling that person to go jump off a roof.  That's how miserable I would feel without this.  Also, I don't have an image for the generic version, just ask your pharmacist and he'll hook you up.  He will also take all your info. and enter it into the database to try and prevent over-buying so you can't make illegal drugs.  I seriously didn't know they did this.

2.  Clinical Strength Deodorant

Also another non-glamorous item for Tuesday, but I love this stuff.  I sweat.  A lot.  Like a pig.  And usually (TMI warning) I don't shave my armpits.  I like to pretend I am French.  I swear to you that by not shaving I sweat a lot less.  But it grosses my hubby out in the summer because I wear a lot of tank tops.  Plus then I feel bad about all the other people who have to see my 2 inch length armpit hair.  So in the summer I shave on a sort of regular basis.  And regular deodorants don't cut it.  But this one does.  Just make sure to put it on before you sweat even one tiny iota or it won't work.  It also suggests putting it on at night, which I have never done, but would probably help even more.  It's expensive, about $8 and you get much less than a regular deodorant, but it's probably worth it.

3.  Crayola Watercolor Pencils

Ad image

I saw these like 6 months ago on a blog.  Crayola had sent them to the lady to play with and rank how it went and I became immediately infatuated with them.  But then couldn't find them in stores.    Then last week I got the last school item I needed and there they were.  I have only had a little bit of time to play with them but it is so much fun.  Draw your item and then get it wet and it makes it look like a watercolor painting.  I have no idea how it works but oh my goodness am I going to have fun with this.  $3 for 12 pencils.  Don't know the price for the above 24

4.  Rachel Ray September issue magazine

My Rachel Ray magazine has been expired for a long time, but then the fam and I were in Mills Fleet Farm and I was getting bored so I bought this magazine and some chocolate covered peanuts and Truitt and I headed back to the car while the rest finished their shopping.  Normally I don't buy magazines individually because it is so much cheaper to just get the subscription, but this one is devoted to Italian food- my absolute favorite.  Plus it had a cheap subscription rate in it so I am going to renew now as well.  I think I want to make just about every recipe in the September 2012 issue.

5.  Justin Bieber's "As long as you love me"

Okay, I am hanging my head in shame here.  I admit to loving a Justin Bieber song.  The crush for all girls 15 and under.  But I l.o.v.e. this song.  So much so that I made Chris listen to it and then I told him it was our theme song.  Pathetic I know.  But the lyrics, oh the lyrics.  Example:
 But the grass ain't always greener on the other side,
It's green where you water it
So I know we got issues baby true true true
But I'd rather work on this with you
Than to go ahead and start with someone new

Okay, I absolutely love that line "It's green where you water it", doesn't that sum up marriage so well?  Marriage is hard people, and sometimes it sucks, and sometimes you don't water it and it turns yellow and starts to die, but then, amazingly, just a little bit of water and it greens back up.  Just like marriages.  Or at least just like my marriage.  It's amazing what a little bit of effort can do.

Here is a link to the song:  As Long As You Love Me  And if you are ever listening to Justin Bieber songs on youtube I suggest you just listen to one that is lyrics only and not his music videos which are lame, and not all that kid appropriate, at least not for my kids.

That's it for this week.  (Again with blogger crazily whiting stuff I write, I swear I don't know how this happens, it's not like I wanted to extra highlight my pathetic love of this song!)

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