Friday, October 25, 2013

Before They Pass Away

I saw this project on CNN.  It just gave a brief statement of pictures on tribes that will eventually become extinct.  So I quick jumped over to peek.  And you know how you see something that forever changes you or how you think?  That is this project.

It is some of the most beautiful photographs of tribes you will ever see.  I watched the video and actually cried at the beauty of it all.  The project was done by Jimmy Nelson who wanted to capture tribes showing how some of them have changed very little even with the huge changes the world has seen.  He wanted to record images of them before their current way of living goes extinct.

I really encourage you to go the website and look around.  The images are so stunning.  There is also a book on amazon that is going immediately on my wish list.  But at $142, it will stay there permanently.

All pictures below are from the site Before They Pass Away.
The Himba Tribe in Africa

Huli Wig Men

Kazakh Men

Maori Woman

Kalam of New Guinea


Here is the link to the short video I watched. So amazing to watch him with the tribes and how they got the shots.  

It is soooo worth your time to click over to Before They Pass Away and look around.  I promise that you will not forget it.  And probably, you will do what I did, and spend a day clicking back and forth and looking around.

It seriously makes me want to take my family, travel the world and see things how they are, before so much is lost.

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