Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thoughts On The Dreaded Christmas Letter

I know.  It's only the beginning (almost mid) October.  But all the stores have their Christmas stuff in them already and it is forcing me to think about our Christmas letter.  Way before I normally would.

Since we're not on Facebook, our Christmas letter is pretty much the only way for you to know what's happened with our family over the last year if you happen to be a relative or friend that doesn't live extremely close.  We try to do a picture and then a one page letter where we give a brief synopsis of each person in the family.

Every year I think I am going to be clever, and every year it is desperately hard to get all of us looking at the camera, let alone looking nice.  But this year, this year I am turning to Pinterest.  Where I will either exceed wildly, or fail miserably.

Here's a few ideas from that fabled place of craftiness.

A bunch of great ideas for fun Christmas Cards. Love this family photo idea from Summer Driggs. #Christmas #photos
This would probably be the easiest one for us to do, well, except the "everyone look at the camera and smile" part of it.

Cute idea for a picture
This is so adorable, but probably pretty much impossible to get our 5 kids to do.

”Silent Night” Christmas card
And this one is my favorite.  O Lord, please let me have a silent night.  Any night you choose.  Plus, it would be fun to duct tape all of our kids' mouths shut and wrap them in lights.  And could I help it if the tape had to stay in place for 30 minutes while we get the best shot??

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