Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Curtains Coming Up!

I am freaking out about the upstairs bathroom remodel.

Totally having shower curtain issues, which I realize sounds completely ridiculous.  But I want to get it right, and I want to get it right prettily, and cheaply.

Originally I had my heart set on this one.

Vintage Periodic Table Shower Curtain
But at $64 dollars I just can't do it.

So then I got searching, and searching and searching, and I found out quickly that there wasn't anything speaking to me in stores.  I moved online and came up a little more successfully.  But if it weren't for Target I would be out of luck.  Not even fancier (more expensive) stores had what I wanted.

Here's what I came up with to try and experiment with once everything is in place.  And remember, I am going for a black, white and wood/natural theme.

InterDesign Lizagator Shower Curtain - Black (72x72")
This one is fake alligator print.  I can't decide if it's brilliant or the worst faux pas ever.

InterDesign Dotti Shower Curtain - Black/Gray (72x72")
Weird dots.  But the background is white, and I am a little nervous that if I go dark it will be like showering in a cave.

InterDesign Twigz Shower Curtain - Black/White (72x72")
Fancy scrollwork.  But Target calles it Twigz.  Someone please smack the people who think it is clever to spell things wrong on purpose.  

Mudhut™ Filigree Shower Curtain - Black/White (72x72")
Too grannyish?  I can't decide.

InterDesign Abstract Long Shower Curtain - Black/White (72x84")
This the lead right now, and it's extra long so I can hang it higher and completely cover the tub.

Mudhut™ Azara Shower Curtain - 72x72"
I really like this one.  But I feel like it isn't going to go the best with black and white. 

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