Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Totally Strange Culture

I went to my first professional football game.  The Minnesota Vikings vs. the Carolina Panthers.

On the way in, we passed the tailgate section.  Those people are insane.  I saw several couches, tv's, crockpots, all sorts of crap.  In the parking lot of downtown Minneapolis.  

I had no idea what the diehards do for their football.  I think my jaw hit the ground like 40 times.

Anyway, don't be misled.  I don't really care about football, but Chris was given some tickets for free, and baby, when it's free, I am in.

Also, they were totally awesome seats in something called The Legends Club.  Which from my limited experience of one game, is a fancy club where the totally rich people don't have to mix with the commoners. All the food and alcohol are free and you get a private bathroom.  Which let's face it, a private bathroom in an arena with 80,000 people in it is striking gold.  And then some of the cheerleaders (what a weird profession for a grown woman- professional cheerleader) brought in a signed helmet that they gave away.  I missed that because I was too busy looking at the people.

I actually saw this guy. He was down below us (with the commoners).  I think he is probably old, but holy cow, look at those muscles.  

And here's another shot of him, just for fun.  He has tattoos of a football team all over his arm.  I cannot even fathom.  Also, if I came across him on the street, especially in this outfit, I would immediately cross to the to the other side.  

This was super common.  I don't know how many Vikings I saw at this game, but it was a lot.

Also, for the month of October, the NFL supports Breast Cancer awareness, so the MN Vikings shoes were pink, and the little towels that hang from their pants while they play (weird, I don't know why that is) were pink.  Which I actually think is nice that they are willing to wear pink in such a manly event.  Kembia just climbed up on the table and said that "they are wearing girl shoes"...

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