Friday, October 11, 2013

Little Women

I just finished Little Women for the first time.  Can you believe that I made it into my 30's before reading it? Somewhere along the way I heard that Beth died, and that sealed the deal for me.  I wasn't going to read it.  Then I grew up, life became life, and I forgot about it until I ordered the cloth covered book from Penguin.

I feel like it's a book I would read every year, I loved it that much.

So then, of course, I had to get the movie with Winona Rider in it.  Loved it.  And I have to admit that I cried as well, even though I knew everything was coming.  I can't wait to have Ava read it and watch the show with her.  And I thought that Christian Slater played a perfect Laurie, who we all want to marry when we grow up...

Now I am reading Bleak House, by Charles Dickens.  And I admit that I am struggling to get into it, but the BBC did a miniseries on it, and you know how obsessed I am with almost anything the BBC does, so I am holding out hope that given a little longer, I will love it.

Anyone else ever put reading/doing something off for a reason as trivial as someone dying in the plot??


  1. I do this all the time, except with dogs. Person dies, I can deal with it. Puppies, no thank you.

  2. I love Little Women...My daughter is reading it right now and I too look forward to watching the movie with her.