Friday, October 18, 2013

Salamanders Are Wandering My House

Yesterday we went to a friend's to take a walk and enjoy the nice weather and try to figure out something to do with all the kids over MEA.  And wouldn't you know it, my kids found 3 spotted Salamanders.  Which they promptly brought home for pets.

Spotted salamander.

Ambystoma maculatum, you know, in case you want to use their real name

We used to have one a couple of years ago until Chris dropped the corner of the top on it and it started secreting some type of pus and we had to help it go to Salamander heaven...

Anyway, we brought home three of them in a little cardboard box that we put on our kitchen counter and then forgot about when we went to Bible study.

2 hours later, we came back and the Salamanders were not to be found.

Now, I don't really have any irrational fears of reptiles and amphibians, but I am not particularly fond of the idea of some animal crawling into my clothes and getting squashed by my foot and wrecking my clothes with all their insides.  We did manage to find two of the three, one was in the bathroom that we are remodeling, and the other made it all the way to the beginning of my closet. The third, well, we don't know where the third is, and I am afraid it is going to be a replay of the pet crab we had that crawled out of the tank and into a vest I had on the floor and then was promptly squashed.

They are kind of cute little things, but I'd prefer they be in a cage, not free roaming my house.  We might be a laid back family, but not quite that laid back.  And they aren't very big and could be lost forever.  Also, I have kind of this irrational thing where I feel really bad for animals (people too) that are suffering.  And these cute little salamanders need moist places, which my house most certainly isn't, and I have all these awful images of it slowly drying up and being tortured. 

At least it isn't something that will be able to make it up the bed and crawl over my face in the night while I am sleeping.  Because then I might develop a fear of amphibians and reptiles....

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  1. Oh My Word!!!! I just don't have words!! You are a brave women!!!