Monday, October 7, 2013

Brain's a Spinnin'

No new bathroom yet.  We got stalled by a government job that our friend is doing this week.  :(

But the good news is, is that it should only take probably 4 or so days more to complete.  So I have been frantically using my brain to try and figure out what I want to do in there.

You know how Target is just killing it with their Threshold line?  I mean, I just want to move right into this house.

I'm still working on combining all the eclectic stuff in just the right way, you know, since I don't have my own interior designer to do it for me....

But see those bird prints between the windows?  Originally I was going to buy some Audubon prints off to put in the bathroom, but then I saw those in store and they would be cheaper than buying a separate print and framing it myself.  I'll be using them in the bathroom.  Kind of a whole black white and nature theme.

                          Threshold™ Heron Ink Sketch Print 11x14" Threshold™ Cormorant Ink Sketch Print 11x14"

The only thing I am not real crazy about are the black buttons at the top of the print.  In real life it looks better then the picture above, and I don't dislike them so much that I wouldn't not buy them.  First world problems....


  1. I agree, the button thing is weird. (??)

  2. I want to find the carpet tiles. Any ideas? I've been looking and looking for them!