Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another hurdle

Last night we got an email from our caseworker stating that the embassy said our fingerprints were expired at our son's embassy appt.

Can you just see the instant panic?

We had our prints redone in April. Apparently, though we don't yet know for sure, our new prints were not cabled to the embassy. The other option is that the embassy looked at the I-171H which would have showed that the prints were expired because it gave the original date. But, they do have our approved I600, which shows that our prints are good until July 2012.

At first I thought we had gotten a visa denial, and I started freaking out. That is NOT what happened, and they still have to do their own orphan investigation, but this is something that needs to be sorted out ASAP so we don't lose anymore time. I have no idea if they will wait on the orphan investigation until they learn that our prints are good and we aren't criminals.

The good news is, that while it's a hassle, and caused me to panic, it should just require a few phone calls. But we would defiitely appreciate your prayers to get this solved supernaturally quickly.

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