Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yesterday our agency emailed the embassy for an update on our case after they received the new information we gave them. Just our luck, they are closed today. But they did email and let our agency know they would email them on Friday. Hmm. My thought is if you are going to email to let someone know you will email later, why not just give the update in the first email?


Aside from non-update updates, we have been dealing with two kids not getting along in their shared bedroom. They have been together for several months now, and the situation is not getting better. To be completely fair, Ava had her own room for 8 years, and then we put her brother in it with her. It happens to be hot pink, which I think Owen isn't crazy about. And Ava is always trying to put her stuff all over the place and on his dresser. Plus she locks him out whenever she thinks we aren't paying attention. In the end, we always know when she has done this because Owen freaks out and starts pounding on the door and yelling. Plus, Owen has the tendency to call it Ava's room, so we know he doesn't really consider it his.

I am not real sure how to handle this situation. We were going to finish a room downstairs for him this summer, but adoption being what it is, it is costing us more as time passes then we had originally thought. So, this summer isn't going to happen. I think I probably need to change the color and that would help some, but Ava is freaking out about a color change. But it hardly seems fair for Owen to live in a hot pink bedroom.

Maybe because it's summer and they are forced to be with each other all the time that may be contributing to some of this angst. Either way, I have to find a way to deal with it before they kill each other. Owen has occasionally resorted to biting her when he gets really mad, and Ava resorts to telling him he's a baby, and there has been more than once where I have heard her tell him that she hates him. Ah, brotherly/sisterly love. We nip this in the bud really fast. I haven't yet told them how much fun they are going to have when the kidlets come home and get bigger and get into both of their things. That should shake them to the core!

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