Monday, June 27, 2011

Finally Monday

You don't hear that very often! But Monday means that the US Embassy is hopefully working on our case. I waited all weekend for this!

As far as my Monday, well, I am hoping to fill it with lots of distractions. I am trying to make it until Wednesday morning to call the Embassy. Even I realize that if I called them today when they were just given the new info. last Friday, that that may be pushing their ability to get anything done in one day.

So my day has shaped up so far:

Broken up numerous brother/sister fights.
Told Ava many times that we do not call our brother annoying.
Drank one cup of Lipton Iced Tea.
Done two loads of dishes (no dishwasher here!)
Done one load of laundry.
Busted the curtain in our bedroom.
Made Ava go through her clothes to see what she doesn't want because they don't all fit in the drawer and she is jamming them in there.
Checked my email several times.
Had to flush the toilet by taking the top of the tank off because I busted the handle and haven't quite gotten around to fixing it yet.
Killed one mosquito (I hate those things).
Watched Owen kill one spider. (I know it sounds like I am wussing out on this one, but Owen has developed a fear of them, and so I figure the best way to get over that fear is to deal with it. Plus it was a teeny, tiny one, and even he wasn't too afraid!)
Wondered a million times if any work has gotten done as far as our visas.

And it's only 8:43 am.

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