Thursday, June 16, 2011

Excessive blogging in my future

I foresee a lot of blogging going on in the next several weeks. Mostly because it is an outlet for me so I can burn up some of my geez-it's-time-to-bring-our-babies-home-what-is-taking-the-embassy-so-long-itis I have going on.

Okay, so I realize that it has only been 1 1/2 weeks from our son's embassy appt., but oh my word, doesn't the embassy know that we should be their main priority?! (I have a feeling that adoptions are low on their priority list, and I totally understand that they have a lot to do, although I will admit I am not sure exactly what it is that our embassy's do in foreign countries, but I do believe that America rocks and that they are probably doing something great for our country, so yes, I understand why we may not be their number one right now)

Still, in my selfish world, my kids are number one and it is killing me that we are this close and still 8 million miles away.

Plus, I have been doing things in the room like putting their clothes in their drawers because I am starting to feel the nesting big time, and I really would like everything to be perfect for them. But the down side to that is every time I place something in a drawer and see all of the cute shoes lined up that I don't know if they will fit them, I think about the possibility that their visa could be denied and my kids don't actually make it home.

I know I write about that a lot on here- my fears of them not coming home, and I honestly don't know if this is something that all parents adopting go through, or if it is my excessive penchant for worrying that is driving it.

Truly I am trying to remain positive, and I am still getting everything ready for them. And a huge part of me is still hoping that the embassy will be fast. I am not sure I can maintain myself at this level of stress/excitement for an extended period of time until one day we get that email that says "visa approved".

Man I really hope I am normal!

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