Thursday, June 23, 2011

More adoption prayers and a milestone anniversary

Today our in country coordinator either had or will have a meeting with the embassy about our case. I am trying to figure out with the time change if it has already happened, and I guess there is about a 50/50 chance it has. Our agency doesn't open for about another hour, and the director is quite busy, so I am thinking it will be several hours before I hear anything. I can already feel the heartburn!

I think I may be the most annoying person to our agency today- I am anticipating a lot of "did you hear anything yet" phone calls to them. Even though I completely realize that it is akin to your child asking "are we there yet" two seconds after you pull out of your driveway for a 4 hour trip to Grandma's house.

It also happens to by Chris' and my 10 year anniversary today. Man, that sounds like a long time. (in the best possible way!) I have been married to him for 1/3 of my life- that sounds even longer!!

Have to admit I somehow snagged one of the best men in the world, no idea how that happened. And I have to laugh that when I originally met him I wasn't really looking for a relationship and so I tried to set him up with a good friend of mine. After about a month of extolling his virtues to her I came to the realization that why in the world was I trying to set him up with her? I needed to set him up with me!

We had a fairly rough go in the beginning, the one incident that springs forth from my memory is when we both went to a christian conference over New Year's- remember
Y2K? When lots of people thought the world would go crazy with the computer transition to 2000? Anyway, we went to this christian new year's get together, and Chris said that I might as well meet his parents. And then, I kid you not, the following sentence came out of his mouth: "My parents are going to think that you are my girlfriend, but you're not." Oh my word, I can't even tell you what I was thinking at the time! And then when I did meet his parents, his mom got all Tommy Boy on me and gave me this huge, crushing hug when all I tried to do was shake her hand so Chris wouldn't freak out! I still laugh every time I think of this story.

Anyway, fast forward 11 1/2 years later and we are still going strong. I love him so much and am so thankful for what a wonderful husband, friend and father he is.

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