Friday, June 3, 2011

Down below is a picture of the kids' dresser. See that ugly orange Trojan lamp? That was a $5 thrift store find. I had hopes that I could spray paint it something else. My hubby just looked at it and said "Really? A trojan lamp?" But for 5 bucks I thought I could run with it.
After a coat of red spray paint, and some black fabric I just wrapped around the shade yo get the idea, here is what it looks like now:
I am absolutely loving it. Even hubby was surprised and semi liked it. Mostly I decorate and he just sort of rolls with it. Even when it doesn't always make a lot of sense to him! See the deer silhouette in the picture frame above? Cross my heart I did that just for him. Hunting is huge at our house, and most of our meat is from things he goes out and gets. I would say catch, but he always reminds me that you don't "catch" meat, unless it's fish!
Aside from my lamp, I think my son is getting us ready to be up at night with the kidlets once they get home. Last night he came up 3 separate times. The first time to tell me he couldn't sleep because he was afraid of spiders. The second time to continue to tell me he couldn't sleep because of spiders, after which we had a conversation about why God created spiders, and how they eat woodticks and other yucky things. And then he came up a third time to tell me that he was no longer afraid of spiders.
Normally we never have issues with him coming out of his bedroom. Have to admit that I am dragging this morning, but I had better get used to it. With two one year olds, this might be my new de riguer.

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