Monday, November 26, 2012

2012 Family Photo

I tend to take a lot of pictures throughout the year, but pretty much only take a family photo when the yearly Christmas cards are due.  The following are the best of the bunch.  I am actually fairly impressed with these.   We took about 10 as a group and 10 just the kids.  Without fail, there wasn't one picture where everyone was actually looking at the camera, even with family yelling and creating chaos behind the photographer.  But I'll take them.

You know by looking at them that they are ready to run away from all of this crazy picture stuff.  Kembia sort of looks like she is going to cry and Owen looks like he is restraining Moyz.  Truitt looks like this is the most ridiculous thing he has had to do in his short life.  Ava and Owen have that "we're pros at this" look to them.  Their motto- "hold the babies and smile."

Look at Moyz.  Doesn't he have a dignified look to him?  Like this whole thing is beneath me so I am going to look slightly off to the side and tilt my face upward to be all aristocratic like.  

Totally wish we would have been standing in front of a bunch of snow covered logs, but no such luck.  We always seem to not have snow when the picture is taken because if I wait too much longer then I don't get the cards out before Christmas.  And actually, I tried to order some from walmart last night, but somehow in the process deleted my card and ordered blank ones.  I amaze myself some times.  Good thing I was able to call and cancel them.  

Such is life.

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