Friday, November 2, 2012

Truitt Drank Paint

For real.  In the two minutes I was on the phone with my mom, he pulled the chair out from the table, climbed up, reached all the way across the counter, grabbed the paint in a cup (my mistake), and drank a ginormous mouthful.

Que poison control.

Apparently, this is sort of common, because the nice man I spoke to at poison control said, and I quote, "babies who drink paint generally do just fine".  This does make me feel slightly better that I am not the only moron out there who has allowed the circumstances to happen for her child to drink house paint.

Someone give me an award for keeping 5 kids alive thus far.

He must have heard how frantic I was because there were a couple of times where he chuckled.  And I am thinking this is not time to laugh,my kid drank paint.  Paint!

He also said the the hydrocarbons don't generally get absorbed by the intestine and to expect for him to have some diarrhea that is paint colored.  But that if he drank blue paint and his diarrhea is red then that is an emergency room situation.  Also, it is very common for kids to throw up in the first half an hour after drinking paint (Truitt didn't) but that if he aspirates the paint, which he said was very, very uncommon, then that would be an emergency room situation with a 911 call.

So there you go, what to do in the event that your child drinks paint.  Now go and google what a hydrocarbon is, I know you're dying to.

I stopped him just in time.  This diaper and pants were filled with poop.  But not of the I-just-ate-paint-and-now-look-what-happened type of poop.  That's to come later.

November is shaping up to be a great month.

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