Thursday, November 1, 2012

Babies Documentary

Last night we decided to watch the documentary "Babies".  It's about 90 minutes and follows 4 babies from around the world, US, Mongolia, Namibia and Japan, and shows their stages from a little after birth to about one.  It's been on my radar for a few years and randomly while shopping through Target I stumbled across it.

There isn't a lot of talking and at first Chris didn't think he would be able to sit through it all, but it actually was quite charming.  Here is the trailer.

The most amazing thing was to watch the third world babies with their families in contrast with first world babies.  They showed an example of where the Japan and US babies went to a type of Mommy and me Class, and then they switched to the African baby who was chewing on a random bone and when he got thirsty just crawled over and sucked out of a puddle.  All first world mothers right now are cringing and thinking Giardia.  And the Mongolian baby crawled on top of a metal drum and then his families herd of cows came over and surrounded him and he just sat and had a jolly good time.

Our kids loved it.  I have never seen them so focused on a movie before and it was actually the first movie that the babies didn't get up and wander around because they had lost interest.  Even Truitt loved it and if they got in someone else's way they would just reach up and try to push them out of their viewing. 

I think we will be replaying this one with some frequency.  

$5 at Target, we bought ours on Monday

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