Monday, November 5, 2012

#$%@ People Say To Transracial Families by Rage Against the Minivan

Love this.  Clever Rage Against The Minivan and her girlfriends made this youtube video.  Check it out.

I've heard just about all of them.

And here's her website if you haven't been there yet.  Rage Against The Minivan

PS- Don't forget to vote tomorrow.  It IS important.  And take your kids even thought it might be a pain, it's good for them to see you wanting to make a difference in our country.  It drives me crazy when people complain about the government but then don't cast a vote.  I'm assuming you have an opinion on it, so vote for it!

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  1. This was like a checklist of everything anyone has ever said. (Except for the Walmart cashier who looked at me and Eric, then at the kids, and said "So it must be a recessive gene".)

    I thought of you when I watched this because when I first met you I totally asked you if you were baby-sitting- except I assumed you were baby-sitting Truitt. So maybe some points in my favor?