Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Kidlets Christmas Presents

Thought I would post what we are getting the kids for Christmas.  Most of them are super easy to pick out for.  All except Ava.  She's 9 going on 15 and very mature for her age.  She would love some make-up, etc. I caught her going out the door this morning wearing my perfume- like I wasn't going to smell it- but nine year olds don't need to wear make-up and adult perfume to school.  Or anywhere outside of the home.  I am afraid to get these types of items for her and push her into being older.  There is already enough pressure like that from the world.  Or am I making too big a deal of it?

Anyway, everyone but Ava has presents.  Here they are.


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1. Character Encyclopedia  $10 on Amazon, by far the best price, it's around $20 everywhere else.

2. Ninjago Venom    $9 on Amazon, but I got it on Black Friday for around $5

3. Jay ZX Booster Pack  $6 on Amazon

This is our first foray into legos.  They are just so darn expensive, but he has seen this cartoon at my parents (don't know what he sees in it!) and loves it, and the book really is nice, plus comes with a little fighting dude.  So I thought we would give legos a whirl.  This will almost certainly end our lego buying, we just can't afford to spend $50 on lego sets.


Disney Princess Tiana's Gumbo Cooking Party

Tiana's Gumbo Cooking Party  We scored big here, I paid $17 on clearance at Walmart, it's currently $49 at Target.  On a side note, this has got go be the worst Disney movie ever.  We ended up leaving the theater because my kids don't need a lesson in voodooism.


I had to take a picture of this because Walmart apparently doesn't sell it on their website.  $10 
I'm feeling a little neutral about this at the moment.  I think it's super cute, but am wondering if all the little men are going to wind up around the house and irritate me to death.  We'll see if it makes the cut


Fisher-Price Little People® Lil' Movers Airplane

Lil' Movers Airplane  We paid $15 at Kohl's, but it's almost the same at Amazon.  He is obsessed with carrying things around the house and this has a handle.  I totally see him just shoving random junk inside the plane and wandering around.  

Obviously, we don't buy the same number of presents per kid.  We try to do similar costs, which is why Owen got 3 instead of one.  Our kids have so much stuff that we don't really want to add lots of crap to that as well.  We will put a small toy in their stocking and a bunch of candy, because really, what children don't need more candy in their lives, and call it good.  

I also bought the Toby Mac Christmas CD, $10, which comes sometime today.  I tend to not get totally into Christmas music, but figure we won't be able to go wrong here.  We are obsessed with his Eye On It cd.  If you have kids, go out and buy this cd immediately.  Go out and buy this cd if you are an adult.  The best way to describe this music is a blend of hip hop/rap/all things funky, but it's Christian music.  All of my kids have most of the songs memorized.  He is by far our favorite artist.

Now the kids want us to wrap the presents, since they know they are bought, and put them under the tree.  Not gonna happen.  We just put up the tree Monday and have spent the last few days trying to keep Truitt from playing in it and grabbing the ornaments.  I foresee a long month ahead of us as far as the tree is concerned!

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