Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Black Friday Loot

I have to admit I love black friday shopping.  Mostly I love watching people go crazy for dancing chipmunks and things like the Snuggie (remember that?), but you can find some good bargains.

This year I didn't find anything that I wanted in the ads- Target, I am so disappointed in your deals that I almost wanted to cry.  I wasn't even going to go out and watch people but Ava really wanted to and it's kind of become a tradition.  So I bucked up, woke up at 5 (late to most openings, I know) and got ready.  I was going to carpool with my brother in law because Chris wasn't going to go, but then he wakes up, decides to go because "he woke up at 2am thinking about it", and proceeds to tell me that I can't ride in the car with his brother and him because he doesn't want to stop where I want to go.  Awesome.

It actually worked out great because then I didn't have to go to Menards and wait for them while they bought batteries.  Because nothing says good deal on Black Friday like batteries.....

Here's the loot we brought home.  Shame on us for falling prey to impulse purchasing.

1. Gun case- nor really an impulse purchase because we have been looking for this, but it's massive and Chris now has to redo his closet to make room for it.

2. I bought boots, like I need another pair, but these have zippers on the outside which I thought was so stinking cool, plus they were a great tan color.  How could I pass them up?  I now have boots to last me probably for the rest of my life.

3. Ratchet straps.  How utterly boring.

4.  An SD card for our camera, boring.

5.  USB disc thing for storage of important docs. if our dying computer crashes one day and never recover, boring but necessary.

6.  Couple of Christmas presents for the kids.

7.  Christmas present for Chris, which I can't say what it is in the odd chance he reads this blog.  Which he does about twice a year and knowing my luck it would be this post.

8.  Fishing pole holders, boring.

9.  Christmas wrapping paper, boring, but mostly because Chris bought them and they didn't match.  I like to try and go for a theme, but I appreciate that he thought of this and initiated it all on his own.

10.  Canon Printer.  We're probably one of the remaining families in the US who didn't have a printer.  Normally I would email Chris and beg for him to print something off at work.  But we got an amazing deal on our printer so we snatched it up.  Cause it's definitely annoying to not be able to print when you need to.

You can see from this list that it was kind of a boring year, and mostly bought by the hubs.  It is just so practical.  And if anything drives me crazy it is practical presents and things.  You don't go out on Black Friday for practical.  Practical is everyday of the week.  Black Friday is for expensive things that are marked down so low you can now afford them.

The best part was that we shopped at a smallish town that essentially stocked enough of the black friday deals like it was a huge metro area.  I walked through a Target at around 10:30 and they had tons of tv's that were black friday deals still hanging around.  I bought our printer at Best Buy over the phone at 3 in the afternoon.  Both Chris and I thought we should go there every year.  Sleep in and don't worry about the crazy lines because all the good stuff will still be there later.

None of this for us, we leisurely strolled through every store.  Totally the way to go.

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