Wednesday, November 7, 2012

IKEA Botanical Chart

I caved.  Remember the IKEA botanical chart I posted last week?  Well, I couldn't stop thinking about it and went back and got it.

Seeing as my living room gray looks a little blue and the current orange-ish trim looks terrible together, I realized that my beloved copper candle holder that I made above the couch wasn't going to work because of the color and so I decided to try the chart.

Here is before:

And after:

No matter how hard I tried the IKEA picture reflected some light so everything looks just a little hazy, sorry about that.  The chart is actually made out of a plastic material and in the store I wasn't crazy about it.  In my house, outside of when you take a direct picture of it, you can't tell at all.  In fact I am in LOVE with it.  Chris came home and told me that with stuff on the walls he thinks the paint color doesn't look that bad, and even he likes the chart.

I think it looks totally fun and for a cost of $19.99 it is hands down a winner.  Especially when compared with the charts at The Evolution Store that go for almost $200.  They may be prettier, but this one still rocks.

What do you think?

PS: My rugrat child, Truitt just popped the enter key off my keyboard and lost the spring so now I can't put it back on, this should be fun.  And Owen told me that he voted for Mitt Romney at school because "he wanted to give the guy who wants to be president a chance since the other guy already did it."  That's so sweet of him, he is always, always filled with empathy.  Oh, and someone found my blog by typing in "acorn fingerprint".  Truly, I have no idea where that came from.  "Taping my children together", on the other hand, I do.

PPS: Daylight Savings Time is reeking havoc on my family.  Truitt got up at 4:45 today, and my other kidlets are getting up at least 30 minutes earlier.  We've tried keeping them up late, putting them to bed early.  I am seriously contemplating getting some melatonin and sneaking into their rooms at night and rubbing it on their necks to try and get them to sleep later.

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