Monday, November 19, 2012

Truitt and the ER (again)

Hopefully this week will prove to better then last, with a holiday in there, I don't see why it shouldn't.

Last week, Truitt fell out of the basket while shopping at Target.  Moyz and Kembia were buckled in the mega family cart, but at this Target, you couldn't put a baby where they would normally go in the seat.  The leg area was sealed off with red plastic, there were no buckles, and where the baby's butt would sit was the words "for merchandise only".  So I was out of options and in the basket he went.  I thought it would be okay because he was the shortest and least likely to fall out.  Didn't work out that way.

We call the clinic and they said that we needed to bring him into the ER and get a CT scan done.  What?  Ava fell out of a cart 7 years ago and we didn't do diddily squat.  So we decided not to take him and called a Paramedic friend of ours who ran us through some neurological stuff to do with him and stuff to look for and called it good.  Two days later he started bleeding heavy from the nose during nap time.

I freaked.  With head injuries it specifically tells you to call 911 if there is any nose bleeding after injury.  I didn't call 911 but rushed him to the ER freaking out that he had a brain hemmorhage or something equally terrible.

They took it very seriously since the timing of the bleeding after injury.  The triage nurse told me that if children survive a head injury after the first 6 hours they generally don't worry so much, then if you hit 24 all is pretty good, but because of the bleeding they were thinking that he had a frontal skull fracture causing the nose to bleed.  Great, my baby has a broken head.

I'm feeling generally pretty crappy about the whole situation and the nurse's comment about why kids shouldn't go in the basket really ticked me off.  I tried to explain about the cart and that my other kids were in there, but he cut me off and wouldn't let me finish.  At least the ER doc let me tell the whole story so I didn't look like the worst mother ever.

They did a very thorough exam of his head, heart and all that stuff.  And after spending extensive time shining a flashlight up his nose, determined that there were multiple lacerations inside, and thus deduced that it was not related to his head injury, and was in fact, because he is a nose picker.

nose picker lol
Not Truitt

Awesome.  So I spent $500 to have a doctor tell me that my son picks his nose.  At least they also said he wouldn't suffer any negatives from bashing his head onto a concrete floor.  And for what it's worth, he has never really picked his nose before.

And then poor kid, a can of food fell out of the closet and on to his face when we got home.

What doesn't kill them makes them smarter....?

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  1. Scariest post ever! I was almost hyperventilating when I got to the part about his nose bleed.

    And shame on that idiot nurse.(And as if EVERY other parent hasn't done it a bazillion times).

    I'm so glad he's OK! Hopefully this week can only go up.