Monday, November 12, 2012

Good Luck Charlie Home Inspiration

Have you seen the show Good Luck Charlie?  It's on the Disney channel and I saw it this weekend at my parents.  I know, it's a kids show, and it's been around for awhile, but I loved it!  Ava has seen it quite a bit being up at her grandparents, but this was the first time I had seen it and I loved it as much as Ava did.

In fact, I want to live in the set.  Seriously, it is super hip and full of bright colors.  It even had me googling teal cotton fabric to make another set of slipcovers.  You know, after I paint the walls white so all that color can pop!

And when I started googling images, I realized that I am not the first grown woman to obsess over this house!  I came across several blogs who had done Good Luck Charlie posts.  That makes me feel slightly better.  Although now I am sad because the only tv we get is what comes free through the antenna and so I won't be able to watch any shows!  Have to search on hulu or maybe the Disney home page to see if I can view them!

Check it out:

goodluckcharlie livingroom2 ON THE SET: GOOD LUCK CHARLIE

That couch and carpet.  Oh my goodness.  Can I say just how much I love this color?  And that look she is giving her brother is exactly the face that Ava gives Owen, and Moyz and Truitt and even, occasionally, Kembia.

I love, love the staircase.  It makes me want to paint my disgusting stairs into the unfinished basement some terrific hue, I am thinking hot pink.  And that lady on the step stool is the mother, who Ava told me is "like the coolest mom ever, she is so funky".  Now I know what level she is holding me to, and the episode we watched was how the mom was trying to bond her daughter's sports team and they almost got arrested for toilet papering a house at the mother's idea.  I refrained from telling Ava that my high school tennis team did that every fall for bonding and initiating!  You see that picture of a framed bug in the back?  That was the only thing Kembia noticed and kept talking about the bug.  At first I didn't even know what she was talking about until I finally saw it.

Check out the front of the fridge behind the guy in the right.  It has a chalkboard front.  I tried to convince Chris to let me do this before we got a new fridge, but he was all paranoid about chalk dust.  Does anyone know how much that has been in a problem for people who have done chalkboard walls, etc. in their homes?

I'm in love.  Somehow I don't think I could pull of the crazy color casual that they have going on.  For starters, I would have to spray paint most of the items of furniture in my house a different color, and I am not sure what Chris would think about that!  But, my beloved kitchen map has some great colors to go off of, don't you think?

Watercolor Map of the World Map

I am thinking teal couch, with the side dressers which are currently black to be painted hot pink, and some kind of colorful, funky drapes at the window, and crazy colored pillows balanced with some black.  Okay, I could totally pull this off!

I promised myself that I wouldn't repaint the living room until Spring and that I would live with the gray until then.  So although I am not a huge user of Pinterest, mostly for lack of time, I might have to start a Good Luck Charlie Living Room Inspiration Board!


  1. I think you could easily add some fun color with the sideboard thingy in your kitchen by painting that a fun color. And when you get/make your bench seats for your kitchen table, paint them another fun color. It would be suuuuuuuper fun to see! Now I'm all excited for spring to see all your new painting. :)

  2. My girls love Good Luck Charlie!!! It's on Netflix.