Thursday, January 3, 2013


Our family was gone for 10 days over Christmas.  The longest the whole group of us has ever been gone together.  Today is our first day back to a normal routine.  It is not going well.

Someone tell me what I did with three toddlers before this?  Cause I can't remember.  

Also, I got my newest Elle Decor magazine, my least favorite home decorating magazine, and it looks like I somehow renewed it for the next 4 years.  Good until fall 2016.

I almost got a new computer a few days ago, but then we discovered that it's not a motherboard (love that word) problem, but just the AC adapter.  So instead, I will continue to plunk along on this beast with several missing keys, gunk in between all the remaining keys, and hope that when Truitt dropped it on the floor today it will recover.

My kids got the movie Spy Kids 4 for Christmas.  They love it with a burning passion.  Both Chris and I have declared that we become dumber every time we see it.  So far we've only seen it twice so we have most of our brain cells, but they are quickly diminishing.

To get home from our Christmas travels we had to leave large amounts of stuff at both grandparents' homes. We had this great idea of taking the oldest kids out into a nature refuge to winter camp but then Chris got sick with fevers and the weather was below zero so instead of using all of the skis, tents, and other miscellaneous camping gear, we just hauled it around and let it take up valuable space.  The kids are already whining for the presents we had to temporarily leave behind.
And then somehow among all the madness I forgot to pay a bill.  But the good thing is we have a 14 day grace period so I didn't up and go and ruin our credit.

2013 is starting out with a bang.  Oh wait, that's me retreating to my bedroom away from it all as quickly as I can.

Reminds me of when I was  a little kid and couldnt sleep brother always told me "think happy thoughts!" :)
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat

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